The Definitive Guitar Learning Platform

GuitArmy All-Access is a premier guitar learning platform tailored for burgeoning enthusiasts and adept intermediates alike. Embark upon a transformative journey, mastering fundamental techniques essential for commanding both rhythm and lead guitar across diverse musical landscapes.

Music Theory

Do you know how to play some songs but feel that you don't actually understand what you're doing on guitar? GuitArmy All-Access will teach you the music theory necessary to feel comfortable to write your own songs, chord progressions, and lead guitar.


When you become a member of GuitArmy, you're not just enrolling in a guitar program; you're entering into a vibrant guitar community. In addition to gaining full access to our comprehensive courses, you'll also benefit from personalized instruction from Chris Rupp, a seasoned professional and Berklee alumnus, through complimentary private live lessons. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to participate in exclusive GuitArmy Live events and engage with fellow enthusiasts on our dedicated community page. Our commitment is to support you every step of the way on your musical journey.